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November 21

So happy to be a part of this new and last group of trainees for 2022! We wish you all the best of luck on your KUDO journey!

October 31

New training DONE! 35 Accountants on their way to start working Freelance! Feel the atmosphere and magic of our KUDO Family

October 14

On October 14th, KUDO – Become a Freelance Digital Accountant had the pleasure to be part of the INNVEST Summit 2022, held in Tirana, the most innovative two day summit that gathered 10 startups, many entrepreneurs, many professionals and many achievers. A BIG UP for the #InnovatorsChallenge place has been awarded to KUDO® sponsored by […]

September 23

Big day for KUDO! The first Freelance Accountant generation in Albania just started their new training. There were 35 trainees, which is a record-breaking number for KUDO! We wish them the best of luck! Only the sky is the limit now!

September 13

Become Freelance Digital Accountant has officially landed in Albania! After successfully launching our trainings in Kosovo and Macedonia now in 22nd of September we will also start them in Albania.

July 11

The new trainees are in full learning speed! Our new hopeful accountants are on their way through the 35-hour training about becoming a QuickBooks specialist. We can’t wait to see them prosper very soon! Do the right choice just as they did.

April 29

We proudly present the first QuickBooks experts in Kosovo trained by KUDO. Meet the people who decided to fast track their career and make money by loving their work and never quitting their hobbies and everyday pleasures. This community is rich with freelancing opportunities.

April 06

KUDO’s initial training turned into a big success. A handful of ambitious young people got a new perspective and started the journey that will create lots of winner stories to remember.

March 18

Yesterday we had the launch of KUDO Education in Kosova 🎉Starting on April, the first group in Kosova of “Become Freelance Digital Accountant” will take flight.

March 11

It was a pleasure to present our training “Become Freelance Digital Accountant” and its benefits to Economic, Bank&Finance students and future digital accountants