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July 11

The new trainees are in full learning speed!

Our new hopeful accountants are on their way through the 35-hour training about becoming a QuickBooks specialist. We can’t wait to see them prosper very soon! Do the right choice just as they did.

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1.1. Melita & Partners will offer the training Become Freelance Digital Accountant for 35 hours;

1.2. The training is made of two main modules:

–         QuickBooks Online

–         Freelancing

1.4. Melita & Partners will notify the participants in time about the lecturer, location, calendar and schedule of the training.

1.5. Before the training begins, Melita & Partners will send the training program and training materials to the participants.

1.6. The training is taught in English.

1.7. All the training materials are in English.

1.8. Melita & Partners will make every effort to provide the participant with all relevant knowledge during the training, according to the training plan and current training materials.

1.9. The training is offered in virtually via ZOOM.

1.10. The regular price for QuickBooks training is € 400.00 + VAT.

1.11. The regular price for QuickBooks Certified User is € 200.00 + VAT.

1.12. The prices mentioned in the point 1.10. and 1.11. can be subject of different campaigns so for the moment prices please look at the website.

1.13. Training/certification payment must be completed 100% in advance by participants before training or certification testing begins.

1.14 If the participant cancels participation in the training after the payment made no later than 10 days before the start date of the training, then Melita & Partners will refund the participant the total amount of the payment made for the training;

1.15. If the participant cancels the participation in the training after the payment made later than 10 days before the training start date, then Melita & Partners will refund the participant the amount of only 50% of the payment made for the training;

1.16. If the participant cancels the participation in the training after the payment made 1 day before the start of the training, on the day of the start of the training or even during the training period, then Melita & Partners will not refund any amount of the payment made;

1.17. For the “QuickBooks Certified User” International Certification and the training materials, there is no possibility of refund by Melita & Partners for the participant after payment.

1.18. Melita & Partners has the right to change the training date or even cancel the training/certification for technical reasons or for other reasons beyond the control of Melita & Partners. In such cases Melita & Partners will do its best to change the date in lieu of cancellation. In case of cancellation of the training by Melita & Partners, then the participants will be reimbursed for the all amount paid.

Soft Skills

The soft skills course will teach you all the essential information you need to start a career as a freelancer, as the latest work trend and start working for gig economy via most famous platforms from anywhere, anytime. From meeting existing clients, to pitching to new ones, and from managing your day-to-day tasks to bookkeeping and submitting your tax return. Whatever it is you do you need a range of skills to ensure your freelance career is a success.

  • Communication with clients
  • Time management
  • Project management
  • Payments and taxes
  • Proactive work on developing your own freelance account

Having completed this course you will be able to:

  • Communicate effectively with clients
  • Understand the payment and tax system
  • Gain necessary knowledge and skills on how to properly use freelance platforms
  • Knowledge of how to earn and build experience on them
  • Be more productive on managing your time and project involved

Certificate of successfully completed freelance course